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Google Meet connects your business with re-engineered services built with advance features.

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Google has introduced Google Meet which gives you Premium quality video Meeting, Powered by advanced AI features. Google Meet is the platform which provides an absolute solution to all your requirements. Google Meet keep your team connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. Google Meet allows you to work remotely with seamless features like chat, meeting, calling, share files, screen sharing and many more.
Google Meet is upgraded with advanced AI features, which is now available free for all until 30th September 2020.

Transform Your Online Meeting With Google Meet



Secure Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support.



Cross-Platform Messaging & Secure File Sharing.


Video Calls

High quality Video, Screen Sharing & same security and compliance of Google.


Conference Call

Build Collaboration, Record your meeting .


Phone Connectivity

AI featured next generation high-quality Phone call.

Now Connect your meeting in just one click and take advantage of a variety of features, including

Broadcast Live stream up to 100,000 viewers

Connects safely with anyone, anywhere and on any device.

Host large meetings up to 250 participants with no time limit.

In this epidemic time, OpelForce and Google Cloud have teamed up to quickly deploy Google Meet to help businesses and government agencies to take advantage of this offer and get a seamless deployment.

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